Jerry Grosso

For over 40 years, Jerry Grosso has made real estate his business. A one-time corporate executive, his move into the field proved an ideal opportunity to capitalize upon his creativity, problem-solving abilities and negotiation skills. With his career well established, he is now in the enviable position to focus his efforts on a niche market, and to offer his colleagues the perspective and hindsight that comes from decades of success.

Prior to acquiring his license, Jerry earned degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and Business Management. He launched his career in the automotive industry, moving into corporate positions in public relations and sales. Though he enjoyed his work, a business restructuring left him at a professional crossroads. Rather than relocate in order to further his career, Jerry accepted his father-in-law’s offer to join his real estate brokerage. “I had owned rental properties, so I was familiar with the business from an investor’s point-of-view,” Jerry says.

After a tenuous beginning, Jerry was hooked upon closing his first sale. “There was so much satisfaction in achieving the goal, in finding the right home for my clients,” he reflects. “My desire to serve others really drove my career from there on out, and I focused my efforts on developing my knowledge of the industry and creating a solid client base.”

If you have any questions for Jerry about his experience or properties please call him any time at (714) 396-5514


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